It’s been quite some time since The Beautiful Girls hit the road, but the drought is over with the announcement today of their brand new album “Dancehall Days” (released through MGM October 3). To celebrate, The Beautiful Girls are dancing their way around Australia, bringing back the unique live music celebration that fans have missed over the last few years of the band’s hiatus.

Performing the songs of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Mat McHugh, The Beautiful Girls became one of Australia’s most recognised roots music monikers, resulting in over 250,000 albums sales and nearly a decade of touring, both here and abroad. Since the act’s last activity in 2012, McHugh has been busy exploring a life, experiencing the world, looking for inspiration, releasing a solo album, working with the close collective that formed the core of The Beautiful Girls and continuing to write the songs that eventually became ‘Dancehall Days’.

“I started writing the next album with the intention of it being a Mat McHugh album but the songs started taking on a life and sound of their own,” said McHugh. “When I stood back from them I was able to see that I was being steered into a particular direction. They all sounded like ‘The Beautiful Girls’. It’s hard to explain it but I know it when I hear it. Spooky, dubby, digital dancehall tinged, rootsy, punky, reggae music mashed up with some mellow acoustic sea songs. In some ways it’s about reclaiming my musical identity”.

The Beautiful Girls’ new album and live show sees McHugh at his experimental best, borrowing from genres, experiences and revelations to create a new chapter in The Beautiful Girls songbook, with musical messages as exploratory and poignant as they were at the release of the first EP some twelve years ago.

Launched with a Pledge campaign, “Dancehall Days” will take McHugh’s “direct to fan” ethos (he was doing it a decade ago…. before it had a name) and involve fans from around the world in every step of the process.
The album will be released independently (through MGM distribution) on October 3 with The Beautiful Girls hitting the road once more bringing the familiar and the soon-to-be-familiar songs of one of Australia’s best loved indie acts back to fans.

As McHugh puts it, “To me, music is far too precious to exist in a box, I think a song is born and dies in a moment and in that, becomes a new definition. Playing live, I never know what’s going to happen and that’s exactly the way I like it. As long as there is love there though, everything will be okay”.

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