Today is the day Mat McHugh has been working towards over the past months, crafting a new album titled WAVES and now making it available to music fans around the world as a FREE download from

Says Mat “I’m super happy that my brand new album WAVES is finished and ready to download. I worked really hard on this one and I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever done (and I’m not just saying that! haha). My hope is that you’ll enjoy it and share with all your people in the spirit that it was given, with love.”

People who have already registered to receive WAVES on its day of release have been sent access to the album today. Everyone else can start downloading WAVES from today.

“Being an independent artist relies on word of mouth and the support of good people. Obviously it’s hard to pay rent from giving away albums for free but my theory is that, hopefully, the music and the message with speak for themselves and that people will like it and, in turn, come to see a live show one day. And, if that happens, then another album can be made and so on and so on” says Mat.

The WAVES Tour around Australia commences on October 1st (see dates below) showcasing songs from WAVES plus material from Mat’s prior solo effort Love Come Save Me and with the occasional gem from his deep catalogue of songs from The Beautiful Girls and Seperatista SoundSystem projects in the mix as well.

“I’m touring with a couple of amazing musicians, and great friends, wherever this album takes us” says McHugh. “Ian Pritchett (producer/mixer of every MM/TBG album as well as Angus and Julia and Boo Seeka) will be on guitars, bass, keys and basically every instrument we can manage to fit in the tour bus. Paul Derricott who played drums with me on the Love Come Save Me tour and the Live at Random Hall album will be back on the kit. Dude crushes it. I’ll be the one playing acoustic guitar and trying to remember the words”

Download WAVES FREE from and share the link widely.

“I’d love to give these records away for free forever. And, I will, as long as I’m able” says Mat

“All I really want people to do is download it, play it, play it again, love it, feel it, crank it up, sing it at the top of their lungs and come see us tour so we can all sing the songs together. I want to always try and contribute positive vibes to the World and connect with people that feel the same way. This is the best way I know how. I am truly very thankful for the support I receive from people who love and share my music. Every day”.